Should you take your little kid/s on the Light to Light Walk?

We’ve been asked a few times about younger kids walking the Light to Light Walk. We don’t set an age limit on our guests (although we don’t recommend taking kids under 8 years on our fully catered tour). Kids vary so much in size, strength, maturity, resilience, ability….

Let’s get the facts first:

  • it’s a 31km track – usually walked over 3 days/2 nights. The longest section is 13.7km (about 4-5 hours) and the shortest is 7.8km (about 2-3 hours).
  • You need to carry enough water – and water weighs a lot. We normally suggest 2 litres of water per person per day (if walked over 3 days).

We like to think we know our own children’s capabilities when it comes to physical challenges. That method of assessment may work well when it comes to a game of sport or similar situation where there is an easy ‘out’. Let’s face it, if your kid is looking completely worn out, injured or unwell during an hour long game of footy or netball, you can pull them off the field and give them a break.

This is different. Even the shortest section of the Light to Light Walk will take 2-3 hours minimum of walking time. To put this into perspective: If a child (or anyone for that matter) is struggling halfway along one section of the track, there is no option but to continue on to the next campsite or vehicle access point. There may be an hour or 2 of extra exercise involved.

We’re not trying to put a dampener on the idea. Some kids really do handle a hike like this without a problem. But please consider these points before deciding to walk the entire Light to Light Walk with younger children:

  • There are 3 sections: 13.7km + 9.6km + 7.8km. The shortest leg will still be longer than an average 8 year old’s longest game of sport.
  • Kids are notoriously good at throwing a curve ball. They may start off gung-ho, and then part way through they’ll just refuse to go any further. Consider your kid’s personality!
  • A cranky, tired kid can ruin the entire experience for the rest of the tour group.

The good news

The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to introduce your kids to bushwalking. As outlined in some terrific articles about the subject, such as this one on The Bushwalking Blog:

“When choosing your walks, make sure you start with trails that are short and flat.”  (source: The Bushwalking Blog website)

And if your kid is strong, resilient and knows what they’re in for, go for it. We’ll see you on the track 🙂

Contact us if you want more info. about walking the Light to Light Walk. We’ve done it a few times ourselves!

Image courtesy of www.thebushwalkingblog.com.au