Transfers to and from the Light to Light Walk

The 31km Light to Light Walk is in the southern section of Ben Boyd National Park on the Far South Coast of NSW. Boyds Tower, at the northern tip of the Light to Light Walk and the most popular starting point, is 35km south of Eden on a (largely) bitumen road.

Quite frankly, it’s an absolute pain to get to this beautiful walk without some help. And impossible if there’s just one carload of travellers.

So we offer a transfer for independent walkers.

We also offer water drops and other helpful services – talk to us.


How it works

You choose where to leave your own car: Boyd’s Tower or Green Cape Lighthouse.

We pick you up from your car and drive you and your gear to your starting point. If you have a small ‘city’ car or a hire car, we recommend leaving the vehicle at Boyd’s Tower (to avoid gravel roads). We’ll transfer you to Green Cape so you can walk South to North.

Or leave the car at Green Cape Lighthouse and walk North to South from Boyd’s Tower. (You can even finish with a night of luxury at the Green Cape Lighthouse cottages.)

We make walking the Light to Light Walk do-able.

Just give us a call on 0429 961 047 or contact us via email. We’ve got you covered.

Our vehicles

We have 2 comfortable, modern and clean Subaru vehicles: one can carry up to 4 people + 4 big packs, the other can carry up to 6 passengers with smaller packs. Or we can make both vehicles available. Talk to us about your needs.

And yes, we have a baby seat for little ones who ‘walk’ the track on mum or dad’s back.

Indicative costs

Our transfer fees vary depending on where you want to go. Travel on gravel roads is slightly dearer than bitumen driving for obvious reasons.

  • Pick up from Green Cape, drop off at Boyd’s Tower: $200 per car load (either the 4 or 6 seater)
  • Pick up from Boyd’s Tower, drop off at Green Cape: $200 per car load (either the 4 or 6 seater)
  • No extra cost for use of baby seat
  • Any other transport: $50 per hour + $1.20 per km on gravel roads, $50 per hour + $1.00 per km on bitumen roads