With Light to Light Camps you’ll fall asleep in luxurious comfort with the sights and sounds of the Australian bush and a crashing surf the only sounds you’ll hear. 

You’ll be blown away by the comfort of our top quality Oztent camp and even more so when you lie down on your luxuriously appointed bed. Sturdy cushioned camp stretchers are topped with thick mattresses with internal memory foam ensuring that your bed will maintain its comfort throughout the night.

If it’s a bit too cool, we warm your bed with a hot water bottle. So nice for cold toes.

You’ll wake up fresh as a daisy and ready for another day’s adventure.

Top that with the most sumptuous sleeping bags ever made, lined with crisp white percale sheets, fully adjustable so you can get a bit of air on your feet or snuggle in under a fleecy lined hood.

Let us pamper you. You deserve it.

A number of our Light to Light Tours include a night’s stay in the lovely Green Cape Lighthouse cottages. Perched on the edge Green Cape Peninsula, these beautifully-restored, historic cottages offer quality heritage accommodation with open fireplaces and charming nautical decor.

Want to learn more about the lovely Light to Light Camps digs? Give us a call on 0429 961 047 or shoot off an email.

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