Our great friend and neighbour is National Parks Ranger Gary (Gus) Mullinger, one of several Rangers whose duty was to take care of our guests and us when we stayed at Green Cape Lighthouse Cottages. One of the bonuses of staying in the Cottages is a free tour up the lighthouse with the Ranger on duty and Gus was often our man of the moment.

Not only is Gus super friendly and helpful, he is a wealth of information about Green Cape: the light and tower itself, the place, the history, the animals, the geology, the marine life and of course the whales. Gus captured the attention of many of our guests, all of whom hung on his every word as he described days of old when the lighthouse keeper’s role was one of solitude and independence. Whilst the light itself is now automated, the structure remains standing tall and majestic against the wide blue ocean at its doorstep.

Gus told us on our last visit that his days at the Lighthouse are coming to an end. After nine (9) long years of disrupting his home life to stay at the station for several days at a time, he has decided to take a step back and move into another role within Parks. We are eternally grateful for Gus’ passionate story-telling abilities and for not only entertaining our guests but enhancing their time at the Lighthouse and ensuring they left with lifelong memories of their stay. Thanks Gus – look forward to seeing you on the river fishing in summer.

You can stay at Green Cape on our tours. Just contact us and we’ll tailor a tour just for you.