Girls love to walk – and talk

Since starting our tours just 18 months ago, we’ve been overwhelmed with interest from women. Young women accompanied by mums are an emerging market and we’ve loved watching two generations bond closely on our tours, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Australian bush.

Some quirky observations:

  • daughters are way more self-conscious about body image, fitness level and ability than mums. Whilst the mums just turn up, daughters are busy telling us “mum is actually fitter than I am“, “I’m really busy so don’t get as much time as mum to exercise”…..don’t worry about comparing yourself unfairly with your mum. She is who she is because she has had more time on this earth than you. We are always evolving as women and life tends to be a bit of a rollercoaster. Just enjoy the experience and creating memories that you will cherish forever.
  • mums often surprise their daughters with their resilience. Our tour allows women to fully embrace their capabilities and almost all are happily surprised about how easily they manage to do the Light to Light Walk. And mums almost always impress their daughters with their stamina, flexibility and adaptability. It’s lovely to see daughters gain a new appreciation for all that their mum is to them during our tours.
  • both mums and daughters feel the need to ‘help’ us. Whether it’s doing the dishes, sweeping the floor mats or stoking the fire, we have to shoo them away as they find it difficult to be pampered – we think it’s a ‘woman thing’ as the blokes very rarely offer (!!)
  • without doubt, our mum/daughter walking pairs leave us with a new sense of respect and love for each other and whole bunch of new stories that are theirs exclusively.

Create unique memories with your mum, daughter – or even your grandmum.  Whoever you choose to walk with, you’ll go home with a feeling of achievement or as our latest guest wrote in her Trip Advisor review:

“The perfect holiday for those wanting a wilderness experience, a personal challenge and luxury at the same time.”

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