You’ll have to bear with me on this blog. I’ve just been involved in an event that was truly inspirational – the 25th NSW Rural Women’s Gathering where I got to meet so many amazing, strong rural women who are struggling with the challenges of a severe drought but still have the fortitude to live a life full of meaning. Here they were supporting each other, enjoying a bit of free time off the farm and remaining so positive about the challenges they face. So uplifting – still on a high after the Opening Event last night.

And then tonight I was ready to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Invictus Games. But because it’s delayed due to a crazy electrical storm in Sydney, I’ve just watched an unbelievably emotional Australian Story episode about one of the Australian competitors.

So here I am thinking of those people who’ve suggested that they might struggle to walk the 31km Light to Light Walk, but many of whom have committed to do it. Some are not so young – well into their 60s or 70s. But there are so many who have shown strength of character and bitten the bullet and said “yes, I can do this”.

That’s what we are here for. To inspire you to take that challenge. You may not be a highly tuned athlete. You might be carrying a bit of extra weight. But with a little bit of determination, and knowing that you only have to carry a light day pack and your lunch (and some walking poles to help your knees!), you can do this. You CAN walk the Light to Light Walk.

And trust us – you will not be disappointed. This walk is incredibly beautiful. It is unique. And we are here to support and help you every step of the way.

Set yourself a challenge. And remember – you’ll arrive into a fully established 5 star campsite. You can put your feet up, and we will take care of your every need.

Talk to us. Phone 0429 961 047 or email: info@lighttolightcamps.com.au

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