The Light to Light Walk starts at a place called Boyd’s Tower – in Ben Boyd National Park, which occupies land both north and south of the small town of Eden on the Far South Coast of NSW. The Tower was constructed by the egotistical entrepreneur Benjamin Boyd and still bears his name on the side facing Twofold Bay on its towering facade That he was a man with an ego has never been in dispute.

The fact that one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in Australia still bears the name of a wealthy immigrant from the UK has recently been the subject of discussion amongst locals in the area – both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal. And the valid question is being asked:

Why does this special place still bear the name of a Scottish born big shot who only lived in the country for about 7 years? Why not a more appropriate name representing those who occupied this place for thousands of years before Boyd?

Research suggests that the original occupants of this area were the Thawa people of the Yuin nation and that they had lived here for over 6,000 years before Benjamin Boyd arrived. It does seem a travesty to us that this remarkable National Park is still named after him, rather a more appropriate name representing the custodians of the land.

And surely this place deserves a more fitting name than ‘Ben Boyd National Park’? There are so many beautiful Aboriginal words that could describe it in a more fitting way than this. 

It is believed that around 250 different Aboriginal languages were used throughout the country and we are trying to learn those place names that were originally given to places of interest along the Sapphire Coast. Some are listed below:

  • Bittangabee = Pertangabee
  • Green Cape = Bundooro
  • Nadgee = Naa-chi
  • Eden = Nullica
  • Mt Imlay = Balawan
  • Mt Dromedary = Gulaga
  • Mumbulla Mountain = Biamanga
  • Pambula = Panboola
  • Bermagui = permageua
  • Croajingalong (National Park, Victoria) = Krauatungalung
  • Bemboka = Benbooka

We love to learn the ancient stories of this place and are always talking to Aboriginal people with historical and cultural links to the area. Come touring with us and learn more stories.

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