Light to Light Walk – a Great Walk of Australia?

We think it already is.

You may or may not have heard that the NSW Government has allocated $7.9 million dollars to transform the existing (31km) Light to Light Walk into a ‘Great Walk’, “enhancing its reputation as an iconic Australian coastal nature-based destination.”

Key points:
The project is aiming at extending the track, making it a 39km (4 day) walk:

  • seeks to combine walking with eco-accommodation;
  • it will extend, upgrade and re-route sections of the track;
  • provide overnight hut accommodation at 2 sites;
  • will be able to be walked independently or with a commercial tour operator;
  • planning has commenced;
  • project due for completion in 2021.

Have your say!

NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service are keen to hear from community members just like you – make sure you Register your Interest by clicking on this link. Now is your chance to provide your opinion and seek answers to any questions.

Meanwhile, we have already met and had some valuable discussions with NPWS about our future as a small local business operating in a Park that may be the home of one of Australia’s Great Walks in the future….

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  • we’re long term locals with a reputation for running 5 star nature-based tours;
  • maximum 4 people per tour means you get our undivided attention and the best service possible;
  • we can tailor a tour to suit your schedule and needs;
  • our gear is the best you can get – we know because we use it;

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