Photo by Brian Gratwicke/FlickrCC

By Eric Grundhauser/Atlas Obscura

About Echidnas, the odd and fascinating spiny mammal, there is one fact that you should never forget: when they mate, they form long, waddling processions called “love trains.”

For the uninitiated, echidnas are a rare type of mammal known as a “monotreme,” which are distinguished by the fact that they lay eggs.

Along with the platypus, the four species of echidna—found in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea—are the only known monotremes left on the planet. And like their platypus cousins, echidnas also look like mash-up creatures.

During the echidna mating season (for the Australian echidna, June-September), males will line up, snout-to-rump, behind a single female, and follow her around in a line for days or even weeks…

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