Frequently Asked Questions

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What and where?

  • Where is the Light to Light Walk?
    Ben Boyd National Park on the Sapphire Coast of NSW. 35km south east of the small town of Eden which is situated on Twofold Bay. Just over 500km south of Sydney and 550km north of Melbourne.
  • How long is the Walk?
    We reckon it’s 31km and are about to confirm that with a full GPS mapping of the entire length. The various National Parks signs, maps and information suggest the walk is anything between 29km and 32km but we’ll know for sure soon!
  • What length are the 3 sections between campsites?
    Boyd’s Tower to Saltwater Creek: 13.5km
    Saltwater Creek to Bittangabee Bay: 9.5km
    Bittangabee Bay to Green Cape Light Station: 8km


  • How hard is the Walk – how fit do I need to be?
    The Walk is rated between Easy and Intermediate, depending on the level of fitness of the walker. We have had several men and women in their late 60s easily complete the 3 day/2 night walk. We encourage our visitors to take their time and enjoy the many wonderful views, wildlife and birdlife.
  • What do we carry?
    A day-pack of the highest quality from Australia’s adventure equipment specialists – Mont – containing your lunch, ample fresh water, sunscreen, hand sanitiser, map and notes. Collapsible sturdy walking poles are also available if you prefer. Amongst the group (max 4) you will share: a PLB (personal location beacon), Telstra mobile phone, First Aid kit, additional compression bandages in case of snake bite, antihistamines and a blister pack. 
  • What about the rest of our stuff?
    We carry all your other things, including changes of clothing for the entire tour (don’t forget that cosy stuff for around the fire during Autumn to Spring – you can even bring your fluffy slippers). You’ll need your own personal toiletries, but we supply bath sheets and face washers, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, moisturiser and foot balm.
  • Can you swim along the way?
    Swimming is fantastic at Mowarry Beach. You’ll know it – it’s a stunningly beautiful white sandy beach about 1/2 way between Boyd’s Tower and Saltwater Creek. Swimming is great at Saltwater Creek – both on the main surf beach but also at the small beach just to its north – accessed by a sneaky little track off the main Walk. Ask us and we’ll let you in on the secret.
  • What do we sleep in?
    You sleep in a top quality OzTent, on a sturdy padded stretcher at normal bed height – easy to get into and out of. The stretcher is topped with a thick memory foam mattress and cosy sleeping bag lined with a crisp white sheet. You will find your Sheridan bath sheet and face washer on the end of your bed. And if it’s a little cool at night, we can offer you a hot water bottle to warm your toes on. You’ll have a small LED magnetic light, headlamps for each, a small hand torch, a mirror and a foot brush so you don’t have to introduce sand to your sleeping bag! Each tent has an external and internal floor mat.
  • What else is in the camp?
    When our visitors have arrived in camp, the first thing they do is rest their weary bones on their sturdy OzTent chair, with their feet up on purpose-made footstools. The chairs boast a sturdy side table so you can keep your drinks and nibbles close at hand. Apart from the Oztents (bedrooms), we also have a fully equipped pop-up kitchen including preparation tables, gas stove, dishwashing area, Weber BBQ, 12v refrigerator, coolbox (for the drinks and veges).
  • Are there any dangers on the Walk?
    This is the Australian bush – so there is the chance of encountering snakes and/or spiders and other dangerous animals. But if you attend our pre-walk briefing session and take note of our advice, it is extremely unlikely that you will experience any life-threatening dangers. Some of our native wildlife looks scarier than it is, e.g. goannas (large monitor type lizards) but generally if you leave creatures alone and give them space, it is highly unlikely that you will have an issue. Your main danger is likely to be exposure to sun and dehydration, so we insist on walkers wearing a hat and applying sunscreen at least every 4 hours.
  • What’s the minimum/maximum number in a tour group?
    We take a minimum of 2 people, maximum of 4 in one group. This allows us to give our utmost attention to our guests and provide the highest quality service. And 4 – 6 people seem to fit so nicely around a campfire. We will consider taking a slightly bigger group – please contact us to discuss options.
  • What are the tour dates / how do we book?
    We try to work around busy schedules so our tour dates are flexible and that’s why we prefer to discuss options with our guests. Contact us by email or give us a call 0429 961 047 and let’s see what’s possible for your group. Once we’ve agreed on your dates, we’ll take the next step so you can confirm your booking.