Wilderness, comfortably.

Fully-supported hikes along southeast Australia’s most spectacular coastline.

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There’s something supremely decadent about lounging in a deck chair and wiping your brow with a lemongrass–infused warm face washer while your host hands you a platter of scrumptious hors d’oeuvres accompanied by a cleansing ale.

Heck, you’d struggle to receive this sort of treatment at a five star city hotel, let alone at a remote campground on the Wilderness Coast.

Pampered is not usually a word associated with camping but that’s exactly what this is.

Although only a few months into their joint venture, the Robbs’ Light to Light Camps are destined to become one of our region’s iconic outdoor experiences.

Tim the Yowie Man

Carry only a light day pack.

Pristine, isolated beaches.

Hot showers, comfy beds, great food.

No camping gear required.

We also provide transportation and food drop-off for solo hikers!

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A Range of Hike Options

Whether you’ve got just a few hours, or a few days, there’s a Light to Light Camps adventure to suit you.

We even provide food, water and transportation services for independent hikers.

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That looks comfy.

Hello, Pampering.

Light to Light adventures are tailored to your interests.

Snorkeling? Fine wine? Perhaps wildlife photography?

We’ll build you a unique experience…

a stunning sunset on the Light to Light track

The Camp and Cottage Walk

Perfect for the cooler months, enjoy a roaring camp fire and luxurious camping at Saltwater Creek, then be spoiled with a night at Green Cape Cottages.

The best of both worlds, all in one spectacular two-day trip through The Wilderness Coast.

Learn more about the Camp and Cottage Walk.